TMD Treatment

TMD Treatment in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX

TMD stands for temporomandibular joint dysfunction. This is a common condition, and unfortunately, those who suffer from this dysfunction can feel miserable. TMD causes pain and movement issues with the jaw joint and surrounding muscles. If you have symptoms that indicate TMD, our dentist in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX, can perform an assessment and recommend TMD treatment near you. Hardy Oak Family Dentistry is here to help alleviate the pain and discomfort of TMD.

What Is TMD?

The connection between the jawbone and the skull is called the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Physical dysfunctions that affect this joint fall under the term TMD, and they can cause serious pain and discomfort in patients. Some TMD symptoms include pain, clicking, or locking of the jaw. In addition, difficulty with chewing can also be a symptom.

Across time, TMD symptoms tend to worsen and lead to debilitating pain in the jaw area and neck. This interferes with a patient’s quality of life and can cause eating and nutrition issues as well. Therefore, TMD treatment in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX, is essential for patients to recover their health.

TMD Treatment Near You

For patients with a TMD diagnosis, our dentist near you can provide treatment with methods that are not pharmaceutically based. For example, occlusal appliances such as oral splints, bite plates, or mouth guards are recommended as drug-free solutions to treat TMD. Occlusal appliances are either firm or soft, and they benefit patients with jaw pain by being inserted over the teeth. This decreases a patient’s clenching of the jaw or grinding of the teeth, behaviors that tend to exacerbate symptoms of TMD.

In addition, there are exercises that Dr. Shah can recommend for alleviating soreness associated with TMD. Though pain relievers and some muscle relaxants can provide temporary relief, these treatments are not recommended as a long-term solution for TMJ dysfunction.

Dr. Shah can help patients that suffer from pain and discomfort in their jaw and surrounding area due to TMD. Contact Hardy Oak Family Dentistry for more information about treating and alleviating your TMD symptoms to restore your health and feelings of wellness.