Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX

Brushing and rinsing your teeth is the most effective way to eliminate residue that causes food and drinks stains. Several foods and beverages can stain teeth like coffee, red wine, or red pasta sauce. If your teeth look dingy, we offer teeth whitening at Hardy Oak Family Dentistry to make them bright white again.

Is Professional Whitening Better than Consumer Whitening Products?

To keep their teeth looking great, many people buy whitening products in pharmacies or department stores. Some of the products they buy are:

  • Whitening toothpaste
  • Whitening strips
  • Kits for whitening
  • Whitening gels

Depending on the product, it can take several sessions before your teeth become noticeably whiter. For instance, you need to wear some whitening strips five minutes every day to work well. Another brand may need the strip to stay on your teeth for 30-minutes a day.

While whitening toothpaste is for everyday use, it contains abrasives that can damage your teeth and lead to tooth decay. You will need to use whitening mouthwash twice every day for it to work.

Professional Whitening Systems

With professional teeth whitening in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX, a dentist near you will have a chairside option that takes one to two hours to whiten your teeth. They may also offer home whitening kits that you can do on your own when it’s more convenient. Those kits may take two to three sessions to get your teeth as white and bright as you want them.

Another advantage of getting whitening with our dentist in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX, is having someone monitor your teeth during the session. Dr. Shah will keep watch over your teeth to ensure that they turn out the shade that you want them to and check that they are not getting too sensitive while whitening them. Our dental staff will also ensure that you are entirely comfortable during your session.

If your teeth look dingy, contact Hardy Oak Family Dentistry to set up an appointment for teeth whitening. Dr. Shah can ensure that your teeth get brighter and whiter with our offices’ professional system.

You may also get a touch-up kit to keep your teeth looking their best when the whitening system starts to wear off. Our staff cares about your dental needs and wants you to be proud of your smile.