Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation in San Antonio, TX

Some patients confuse full mouth rehabilitation in San Antonio, TX, with a smile makeover. This is likely due to their similar outcome, which is enhanced oral function and a healthy-looking smile. Though both are valuable procedures, a smile makeover is designed to cosmetically improve the aesthetics of a patient’s smile, whereas a rehabilitation is a restoration to oral health for patients experiencing oral pain, worn teeth, or loss of oral function.

If you are experiencing severe oral health issues that are interfering with your ability to eat, speak, or smile properly, our dentist in San Antonio, TX, can help. Hardy Oak Family Dentistry provides expert full mouth rehabilitation near you.

What Is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Some patients suffer from severe damage, pain, misalignment, and/or aesthetic issues with their teeth. Without restorative dental treatment, these conditions can take a toll on a patient’s physical and psychological health. A full mouth rehabilitation with Dr. Shah combines professional restorative dental procedures with cosmetic dental techniques to rehabilitate a patient’s oral health and function in addition to improving the appearance of their smile.

Full mouth rehabilitation services can rebuild and treat dental issues with a patient’s teeth, gum tissue, and mechanics of the jaw. These long-term solutions can alleviate oral pain and discomfort while providing life-changing aesthetic improvements.

Benefits for Patients

Many patients are unaware that effective restorative dental procedures such as full mouth rehabilitation are an investment in your overall health as well as your personal and professional life. A rehabilitated mouth and smile can restore proper oral function and self-confidence to patients in terms of eating, speaking, and communicating with their smile.

The health of your teeth, gums, and other parts of the mouth can impact the way you interact with others and your ability to enjoy life in a healthy and happy manner. Pain, discomfort, and self-consciousness due to your oral health condition don’t have to be permanent. For more information about full mouth rehabilitation with our dentist near you, contact Hardy Oak Family Dentistry. Dr. Shah and our dental care team look forward to restoring your smile and overall oral health!