Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX

Fluoride is a mineral that protects the surface of teeth and helps prevent decay by providing a barrier against bacteria in the mouth. Though everyone benefits from fluoride, proper levels of this mineral are especially important for children as they lose their primary teeth and gain permanent ones.

In addition to excellent at-home oral hygiene, routine dental examinations, and professional cleanings, fluoride treatments with our dentist in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX, provide all-around protection against the damages of tooth decay. Hardy Oak Family Dentistry offers fluoride treatment near you to enhance the oral health of your family.

Why Fluoride Is Important

Fluoride is beneficial for all patients, but especially those with a higher risk of developing cavities. This includes children due to their tendency to consume sugary food and drinks and their potentially insufficient oral hygiene habits. Many foods and water contain fluoride naturally.

However, this mineral is depleted from the surface of teeth when plaque forms in the mouth. Therefore, it’s important to build up fluoride in tooth enamel to repair the damage caused by plaque and prevent tooth decay.

By providing professional fluoride treatment in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX, Dr. Shah helps her patients prevent cavities and other oral health issues. Here are some reasons why fluoride is important:

  • Makes teeth more resistant to the effects of plaque and sugars
  • Can reverse early tooth decay
  • Can diminish acid production in teeth

Professional Fluoride Treatment Near You

Our dentist near you provides safe and effective fluoride treatment that is quick and easy. Dr. Shah will apply the fluoride treatment with a swab or in the form of a mouth rinse or tray. After the fluoride is applied, it’s important for patients to wait about half an hour before rinsing, eating, or drinking so their teeth can absorb the mineral treatment. This professional procedure strengthens the surface of your teeth and prevents harmful tooth decay.

A fluoride treatment in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX, is part of an overall investment in your family’s long-term dental health. Contact Hardy Oak Family Dentistry for more information about getting fluoride treatments and other procedures to maintain your comprehensive oral health.