Dental Implants

San Antonio Dental Implants - Stone Oak, TX

When teeth need extracting due to injury or disease, they need replacing right away. A replacement for teeth that is gaining in popularity is dental implants. Our dentist near you at Hardy Oak Family Dentistry can assess your teeth and jaw to determine if these dental replacements are the right choice for you.

Are You a Candidate for Implants?

When you consult with Dr. Shah about implant surgery, an evaluation takes place on your teeth and jawbone to find out if you can support them. This assessment consists of measuring the jaw’s length and space between the implant site and the next tooth. Also, the jaw density is measured.

These measurements are essential, especially if you’re losing teeth to decay. If decay doesn’t receive immediate treatment, it can get into the bone and cause bone loss. If the loss is significant or if the bone doesn’t have the density to support an implant, you could be ineligible to get them unless you undergo a bone graft.

Installing an Implant

Implants in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX, have three pieces that make up the complete teeth. There are titanium screws that act as the roots & abutments that allow dental crowns to attach to the roots. It may take two or three surgeries for an implant to go in place and months of healing.

Implant Surgery

The first surgery consists of inserting the titanium screw into your jawbone. While the initial surgery only needs two weeks to heal, the screw will fuse with the jaw, which can take up to six months. At the time the screw goes into the jaw, Dr. Shah may also attach the abutment to it.

After allowing the screw and bone to fuse, the final procedure at Hardy Oak Family Dentistry will be attaching the crown to the abutment. Once that part of the installation heals, you should be able to eat with your new tooth.

If you’re interested in getting implants near you, discuss your options with our dentist in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX, and set-up the assessment to determine if you qualify for the replacements. Although it isn’t a quick process, you will end up with strong, great looking teeth that function like natural ones.