Dental Bridges

Bridges in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX

When you have teeth that are missing due to decay or an accident, it can dramatically change your appearance. Fortunately, our dentist at Hardy Oak Family Dentistry has several solutions for replacing teeth, including dental bridges. A bridge is a great option for replacing teeth because they look natural and function like real teeth.

Selecting a Bridge

After our dentist near you, Dr. Shah, examines your mouth, she will recommend a solution for your missing teeth. If they recommend a bridge, then you can select from:

  • A traditional or fixed bridge
  • A cantilever bridge
  • A Maryland bridge
  • An implant-supported bridge

Implant-supported bridges in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX, are becoming more popular because they look and function like natural teeth without needing adhesives to keep them in place. This type of bridge uses mini implants to provide them with a stronger structure. There are several advantages to choosing this bridge.

No Alternations to Teeth

When you choose a traditional or fixed bridge, it consists of false teeth, called pontics, between crowns on each end of the bridge. The crowns need to fit over healthy teeth to support the bridge, which requires trimming them so that the crowns fit over them. When you use an implant-supported bridge, no alterations of healthy teeth are necessary because they don’t use them to support the bridge.

Bridge Doesn’t Slip

It can be embarrassing when you talk or laugh, and your dentures or bridge slip off your gums. Fortunately, with a fixed implant-supported bridge, you won’t have that concern because it permanently stays in place. Our dentist in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX, will glue the bridge to the implants so that it never slips when you’re laughing or talking.

Reduces Gum and Bone Loss

When teeth are not replaced, the gums can recede, and the jawbone can shrink because nothing is stimulating them. However, when implants go into place, the artificial root will once again stimulate the bone and gums so that they continue to be viable instead of gradually dying.

If you need to replace missing teeth, contact Dr. Shah about your options and make an appointment at Hardy Oak Family Dentistry. Ask the dentist about bridges in San Antonio and Stone Oak, TX, so you can get your smile back and the function of your teeth.