Mouth Rehabilitation Procedures, Steps & its Benefits

Mouth Rehabilitation Procedures, Steps & its Benefits

Sep 06, 2021

Full mouth rehabilitation is a variety of treatments and procedures performed overtime to make and keep your mouth healthy. It addresses problems like missing teeth, tooth wear, infection, discoloration, misalignment, and pain, among other issues. Procedures during full mouth rehabilitation depend on the existing teeth and your gum structure. You may receive one procedure at a time or a combination of dental procedures for a healthier smile. After full mouth rehabilitation in Stone Oak, you will enjoy better oral health and have a more attractive smile. Our dentist renews the function, health, and appearance of your gums and teeth.

Who Needs Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

  • People who have been missing teeth for a long time require full mouth rehabilitation to replace the missing teeth, align the misaligned teeth and restore an attractive smile.
  • After a traumatic dental trauma, several teeth may be broken, lost, chipped, cracked, or pushed out of their proper alignment. Full mouth rehabilitation addresses all these issues to restore the full function and appearance of your teeth.
  • You require full mouth rehabilitation if you suffer from advanced periodontal disease. Gum disease, if left untreated, causes oral infections, tooth loss, and other health conditions like diabetes and sepsis. Our dentist in 78258 will treat the gum disease and then proceed with other necessary dental procedures for a healthy mouth.
  • If your teeth are worn down due to advanced age, teeth grinding, dental pathologies, or crunching very hard foods; you need full mouth rehabilitation. The dentist will address several issues caused by excessively worn down teeth, including misaligned bites and infection inside the teeth
  • Suffering from chronic teeth and jaw pain is a sign that you need full mouth rehabilitation. The muscles and joints in your jaw may be sore, inflamed, irritated, or arthritic. This causes consistent migraines or headaches, particularly on the sides of your head Full mouth rehabilitation treats the symptoms and resolves the causes.
  • People with issues like lockjaw, clicking jaw, or jaw dis-positioning.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Services

Some common procedures during full mouth rehabilitation include:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental veneers
  • Tooth fillings
  • Orthodontic braces
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Tooth extraction
  • Teeth cleaning and whitening
  • Periodontal disease treatment
  • Jaw repositioning
  • Bone and tissue grafting
  • Teeth

Steps in Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation in Stone Oak involves the following steps:

  1. A thorough oral exam is conducted in the first step. At Hardy Oak Family Dentistry, up-to-date dental appliances and technology are used to evaluate your teeth and gums for a correct diagnosis.
  2. After evaluation and diagnosis, our dentist will discuss the dental concerns with you. Your dental health goals and needs will help create a customized treatment plan for full mouth rehabilitation. Your individualized rehabilitation plan is designed to optimize your whole mouth to maximize dental health. The time frame, costs, and the number of visits required for complete treatment are determined in this step.
  3. Preparation for your full mouth rehabilitation begins. Procedures that may require multiple treatments, such as dental implants, need adequate preparation.
  4. The procedures in your full mouth rehabilitation treatment plan are carried out. The dentist may opt for single procedures at a time or perform several procedures in one visit under anesthesia. At the end of the required procedures, the function and appearance of your teeth will be greatly improved.

Benefits of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

  • You can pick the dental restorations of your choice.
  • Multiple dental procedures can be performed in one visit. This saves you time and money.
  • Headaches and migraines are alleviated after full mouth rehabilitation as causes like clenching or grinding of teeth are addressed during treatment.
  • Gum disease is resolved during full mouth rehabilitation for a healthy foundation of the reconstructed teeth.
  • Teeth that are misaligned or decayed cause pain and discomfort to the owner. After the rehabilitation, dental pain and discomfort will be forgotten.
  • The appearance of your teeth and face are enhanced after full mouth rehabilitation. You will have a healthier, beautiful smile that restores your self-esteem.
  • Missing teeth will be replaced with artificial ones that look and function as well as your natural teeth.
  • Your teeth will be correctly aligned to restore their function and appearance.
  • The dentist near you who will perform full mouth rehabilitation will fill reconstruct your teeth and improve your oral health.